Your Baby's Smart Sleeper.

Shoosh your baby to sleep!

Bothersome for others, but magic for your babies!

Believe it or not, parents are now being creative when making their babies fall to sleep. One thing is for sure and every parent can relate, they tend to create weird sounds to make their babies fall to sleep. One of them is the sound of "Shooshing". I know it's kinda bothersome for others to hear, but this sound creates a relaxing feel not only for babies but even for adults. It is more of imitating the sound of flowing water inside the womb. This will help your babies adjust from what they hear inside and makes them fall asleep.

First in the Philippines, this Mobile App was created to assist parents, especially those working parents to help train their babies to identify the scheduled nap time and bedtime. This app works better when babies are fed and burped.

So what are you waiting for, download now and you won't believe how this app will help you do other tasks while your baby is sleeping.

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Download and Play

Wherever, Whenever

Once you've downloaded the app, you don't need the internet anymore to play it. Even when you put your phone to airplane mode, you will still be able to use it.


Making Life Easier For You

This app is compatible with all android phones. The last thing that you have to worry about, is that your speaker is not working.

Easy to Operate

Your Ticket to a Simpler Life

The app is very intuitive and straight-forward. Just select which music, music duration, and backlit color and you are ready to go! Your baby will fall a sleep without you even knowing it.



How to use the app?

You may choose to click "Shoosh Now" and it will automatically play the "Basic Shoosh" Music for 30 minutes. Or you may opt to choose the "Quick Setup" button. This setting will allow you to choose what type of Shoosh, Hum, or White Noise you would want to play. Apart from that, you can choose how long the music will play for up to 2 hours. And lastly, you may choose the backlit colors for total 'shooshing' relaxation.

Is Shoosh App available in Google Play or Apple App Store?

Right now, Shoosh is only available for Android users. But don't worry, we are developing the iOS version for Apple users. So stay tuned, we will announce it once it is available.

It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

The app will help you make your baby fall asleep with just a few taps. I know... Making your baby asleep may be tiring for working moms and dads and on top of that, you have chores that you have to accomplish. Shoosh will definitely make you all do that but first, make your baby sleep faster by Shooshing them through the app.

How much the Shoosh App cost? Is this a subscription or a one-time payment only?

You won't believe how this App can do for your babies. There are no subscriptions and no signing up for anything. Purchase the app on a one-time payment of $1.99 and that's it! Save $3 with Shoosh. Other baby apps may cost $4.99 and up, to have full control of the application. Shoosh has the same functions as other baby sleeping apps with a goal to help your baby follow a sleep routine. Choose the music that is most effective for your baby from a list of different types of Shoosh, Hums, and White Noise.


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